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team1 ”I needed this cord – but didn’t want to pay Apple’s ridiculous price. All of the other less expensive cords that I could find on Amazon were very cheaply made and and very low ratings. This one had a great rating and a GREAT price. I ordered 2 of them – and they are just as good – or better – than Apple’s overpriced ones. They are also certified – I don’t get that silly little pop-up message from Apple. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”

Written by Travis O on  


“In the past I have tried other non-Apple lightning cables, and always been disappointed as they either didn’t work, were too thick to plug in properly, gave error messages or wouldn’t transfer data.

I took the plunge and bought two I’m pleased to say the Syncwire Lightning cables work perfectly with both my iPhone 5, Mini and Air.When they’re plugged into my USB2 or USB3 ports they charge and transfer data flawlessly with no error messages.When plugged into my charger again no error messages.

Data transfer and charging both seem to occur at the same speed as the original Apple cable. The physical feel of the cables and size of the data connector are again the same as Apples.

In fact if you put the Apple and Truwire side by side they are almost indistinguishable from each other – the only difference being that both my Truwires at 36 inches long, are about 2 inches shorter than my original Apple cable at 38 inches.

And at half the price of the Apple cable I’m delighted.As such I have no hesitation in recommending this cable and giving it 5 stars.”


Written by Veronica Davies  on  


“I have several of these cables now. The only thing I don’t like is how inflexible the new environmentally friendly wire is (it wants to spring back to being straight instead of saying coiled where I want it). The connector itself is fantastic and is a huge improvement over the previous iPhone cable. I hope it will support USB 3 transfer speeds over Lightning cables soon.”

Written by John W from Sacramento on 

team4“Ordered this lightning cable for a gen 5 iPod Touch.

Cable shipped quickly and worked flawlessly. Almost impossible to tell the different between this and the Apple cable that came with the iPod. Syncwire has excellent customer service as well. Real people directly emailing you to ensure you’re satisfied with their products. They even emailed me a few weeks after my purchase to follow up and ensure I was still happy with my purchase, even when I confirmed it was working great the first time.

Will definitely purchase from them again and recommend them for any small electronics cable needs.”

Written by Vitaly Gritsenko  on  March 13, 2014

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